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La Bamba - El Canon Mexican Restaurant and Cantina | Greenfield,OH | Mexican Restaurant

If you love Mexican food, you know that you have to have a favorite Mexican restaurant in your area. We are confident that there is no way that any Mexican-food aficionados can get by without having a preferred restaurant on their “radar.”

At La Bamba - El Canon Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, we hope to be your go-to Mexican restaurant in Greenfield, OH. With our fabulous Mexican food prepared with the best ingredients, you will find the flavor and quality of our dishes at La Bamba - El Canon Mexican Restaurant and Cantina to be everything that you have been looking for.

At our Mexican grill, we cook food with integrity; food that is organic and healthy for you. We know that as much as you love the savory flavors of Mexican food, that you also love food that is prepared with your health in mind. At our Mexican restaurant, you will discover that we truly care about our customers, and we will take good care of you, both with our healthy ingredients and our prompt service.

At La Bamba - El Canon Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, we prepare food with great taste and great nutrition. From tasty salads to an enriching and flavorful combination of proteins, starches, and vegetable plates, you will be able to leave our Mexican restaurant feeling satisfied on every level.

Show your body and your taste buds that you care by visiting La Bamba - El Canon Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. Enjoy the flavors, the fast service, and the lovely atmosphere at our local restaurant in Greenfield, OH. Call now!

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